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Planet Earth - Portland Organic Compost

1/2 Yard: $22.00 - 1 Yard: $34.00

We work hard to provide you with quality compost crafted for organic gardens.

Quality organic matter is the very heart and soul of organic gardening. This is not a new phenomenon. Smart farmers have been utilizing these qualities for centuries.

The well-informed gardener of today uses this wisdom with an added understanding of the overall health and well-being for our planet using only the best organic compost for their food production and ornamental gardens. We are your Portland compost source for the heart and soul of your garden.

Our Portland compost is 100% once living products. This superior Portland compost, used primarily as a top-dressing, is converted to humus in your soils which provides an abundant food source for the many beneficial soil microbes critical to a robust, vital soil. This active and beneficial micro life will improve your soils nutrient levels, and water retention capabilities, while supporting productive plants, reducing difficulties and bringing your tired soils back to life. When you improve your soil, your plants can’t help but respond!

Be a smart farmer and incorporate our beautiful, fully aged, screened, dark brown, Portland compost into your annual garden care schedule.

This product can be mixed with your existing soils 3”-4” at a time and used as a soil amendment to enrich sandy or clay dominant soils.

It is suitable for all types of plantings , new lawn installations or renovation of an old lawn, as a top dressing for gardens and as an element in your planting mixes for container projects. This product is fully composted, stable, and can be planted into directly from our facility.

Organic fruit, vegetable, leaf, and grass compost