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Fun Guy - Portland Mushroom Compost

1/2 Yard: $25.00 - 1 Yard: $39.00 - (Check for availability in winter months)

Our favorite compost will bring life to your garden!

Our Portland mushroom compost is a medium brown, highly nutritive material that is fully aged and sourced locally.  Made from plant matter, containing raw chicken manure, kiln dried chicken manure, thoroughbred horse bedding, hay compost, and alfalfa screens, this compost is ready to use for your soil amendment projects.  It is the one compost that works great either amended into the soil or used as a top-dressing.  It is suitable for all types of plantings and most popular as an annual weed suppressing mulch for perennial and shrub planting beds and fruit and vegetable garden beds.  Lay it on thick - 3" - by mid March to April and guaranteed you will be relaxing and entertaining friends being an all-around "fun guy" while your neighbors are on their knees weeding!