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The word “Organic”, and what can be“Certified”

Why can’t soil be certified organic? Because soil is just the start, certified organic is a term used for end products such as food, fiber, and soaps etc.

According to the National Organic Program (NOP), “Fertilizers, agriculture minerals, agriculture amendments, composts, agricultural limes, and other inputs used for production…”, “May not claim to be “Certified Organic”…

Oregon Tilth is a nonprofit company that works with farmers to help educate and create Organic Products, some facilities that have been approved through Oregon Tilth, send soils to OMRI to be listed. OMRI inspects the materials to see they meet NOP standards and then requires payment to list those items under their certification. Oregon Department of Agriculture works similar to OMRI but is more interested in consumer relations and compliance with NOP and US Department of Agriculture. Like the regulatory organizations listed below, we understand and hold in high regards testing, compliance, and quality control.

OMRI, Oregon Tilth, Oregon Department of Agriculture , NOP

Our position

We offer products that have either been previously registered with OMRI or come from local farms that are approved by Oregon Tilth. In addition, all our products comply with NOP standards and Oregon Department of Agriculture. To ensure our compliance we will be making some minor changes to our website and how we describe our products. But what does that mean for our Organic Materials? It’s still the same product. All natural, untreated, and unrefined.