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1/2 yard $30.00 - 1 yard $45.00

  • This medium fibrous and somewhat inconsistent textured compost varies in color from light caramel to dark milk chocolate. The nutrient packed compost contains a multitude of organic matter including Thoroughbred horse bedding, kiln dried chicken manure, raw chicken manure, hay compost and alfalfa.
  • Best if incorporated into the soil, difficult to apply as a top dress. Mushroom compost if rich in nutrients and will add fertility to the depleted soil. Recommended applications of 2”-3” for garden beds.
  • The favorite among expert gardeners and if you can stand the stimulating odor for a day you will be rewarded many times over.
  • Highly nutritive with minimal decorative qualities, expect the added reward to come with energetic plant growth and vibrant colors.