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1/2 yard $40.00 - 1 yard $60.00

  • Everyone’s favorite, with a medium texture varying from oatmeal to large cornflake. This mix varies in color from a rich dark chocolate to black in color. The white pumice rock used for drainage and water retention can be found easily on closer inspection.
  • Ideal for organic gardening, White Lightning contains worm castings, mycorrhizal fungi, mineral dust, topsoil, fruit and veggie compost, dairy manure compost, mushroom compost, river sand and horticultural pumice.
  • White Lightning is ideal used as amendment mixed with the soil or planted directly into. Recommended use for amendment would be 6” – 8” total depth. Best practice would be to spread half, till in, spread other half and plant directly into.
  • This nutrient packed organic favorite is best utilized when incorporated into the soil. Top dress with a suitable aged or fresh bark. Vegetable gardens incorporated with White Lighting generally would not require a top dress.
  • Whether you’re a veteran gardener or a novice planting your first flower you cannot go wrong with White Lightning.