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White Lightning Planting Mix
(Limited Stock)

1/2 yard = $40.00      1 yard = $60.00
  • Everyone’s favorite, with a medium texture varying from oatmeal to large cornflake. This mix varies in color from a rich dark chocolate to black in color. The white pumice rock used for drainage and water retention can be found easily on closer inspection.
  • Ideal for organic gardening, White Lightning contains worm castings, mycorrhizal fungi, mineral dust, topsoil, fruit and veggie compost, dairy manure compost, mushroom compost, river sand and horticultural pumice.
  • White Lightning is ideal used as amendment mixed with the soil or planted directly into. Recommended use for amendment would be 6” – 8” total depth. Best practice would be to spread half, till in, spread other half and plant directly into.
  • This nutrient packed organic favorite is best utilized when incorporated into the soil. Top dress with a suitable aged or fresh bark. Vegetable gardens incorporated with White Lighting generally would not require a top dress.
  • Whether you’re a veteran gardener or a novice planting your first flower you cannot go wrong with White Lightning.

This product contains Worm Castings and Mycorrhizal Fungi that invigorate plant growth and use microorganisms so plants can access nutrients faster and improve root structure. LEARN MORE >